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"Fuck you Lenin"
Season: 2
Broadcast number: 11
Production Code: 211
Airing Information
US premiere: TBA
UK premiere: TBA
Written by: ACGuy
Storyboarded by: Njk230


Episode Chronology
"Thomas on Toast gets Eaten"

Fuck you Lenin is the last season 2 episode of Thomas on Toast (TV series).


Thomas on toast be friends with Lenin just to find out he's a moron.


Thomas on toast travels to Russia and gets to know Lenin, accompanied by his right hand UCGay. They both go to a strip club and Lenin tells Thomas some weird shit about a revolution, and as Thomas was more focused on the boobs he had on his face he said he should become communist for shits and giggles, but Lenin does it seriously. He starts acting like a moron and Thomas gets fed up with him, so he goes to DeviantSerpent, Stalin's right hand to trace a plan to get rid of Lenin. DeviantSerpent calls Stalin and he says they have to kill Lenin. After, the revolution, Lenin gets the power of the country and establish the USSR. UCGay is also fed up with him, because he's just his man-bitch, so he decides to help Thomas and company. Lenin gets sick, so they decide that ACGuy will kill him bringing him some poison instead of his medicine. UCGay gives Lenin his "medicine" but as it is an extremely faggy poison, he dies some weeks after that. They do naughty things to his corpse and embalm it. Thomas then leaves USSR with ACGuy. Stalin is now the leader of the USSR and DeviantSerpent is his man-bitch. Then it can be seen that Powdered toast man befriends Stalin, foreshowing that the same would happen to him.


Minor CharactersEdit


The gallery for Fuck you Lenin can be found here.


  • The title might be a reference to the film "Goodbye Lenin"
  • Lenin actually died in the recording of the episode, as he was accidentally given real poison.
  • This was the last episode written by UCGay and his only appearance in the series before he was committed.