Mr. Cannabis

Mr. Cannabis was a recurring character in the Thomas on Toast (TV series). He has made many cameo appearances throughout the series.


He is a (you know what he is, you're not that dumb). He wears a monocle on his right eye, obviously because he doesn't have medical insurance and can't be bothered to care for his eyes. He died of an accidental drug overdose on June 20, 2013, following complications of pneumonia and heart disease. Nobody could be bothered to put on a funeral or even bury the son of a bitch. So they used his remanings for cigarettes and shit.


  • Mr. Cannabis is based on DeviantSerpent in real life.
  • Mr. Cannabis has a cataract in his right and only eye. Which is exactly what he lost his left eye to 5,000 years ago. He can't be bothered to notice.
  • He is addicted to pot, which is ironic because (not explaining, stupid ass).
  • DeviantSerpent forgot what trivia he was going to add here.