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"Powdered toast man demands Half Life 3"
Season: 1
Broadcast number: 8
Production Code: 008
Airing Information
US premiere: When Half Life 3 actually comes out
UK premiere: TBA
International debut: TBA
Written by: SweetieBotXLS
Storyboarded by: SweetieBotXLS
Songs Featured
Please Bring Half Life 3 by Powdered toast man

Episode Chronology
"Thomas on toast goes hollywood"
"Thomas on toast goes to White Castle AGAIN"

Powdered toast man demands Half Life 3 is the 8th episode of the Thomas on Toast (TV series).


When Gabe Newell trolls everyone by faking a release of Half Life 3, Powdered toast man goes to VALVE to complain. 


Thomas on Toast is smoking celery. Powdered toast man says that he really hates smoking celery, so he is kicked out of the house. So he decides to go to the GameStop. There, Gabe Newell says "HEY GUYS HALF LIFE 3" and gives everyone a copy. Powdered toast man puts the game in his XPLAYWIIWHATEVER-BOX and finds out that the game was a fake, because it shows a worm getting deformed with acid for 2 hours.

More coming soon!


Powdered toast man

Gabe Newell


Thomas on toast

Worm getting deformed with acid


This is the last episode that SweetieBotXLS writes.