Slippy Thomas on Toast Android App is an App which prints out a random Thomas the Tank Engine Character,and adds icing to it.


This App is supposed to be used on the Thomas engine Tank 654.

But most people pirate it on their Thomas Toasters.


on December 15,2014 Vicartown decided he wanted to make a Thomas Character on Toast,but knew that his prowess and swag intimidated the Programming of the TET654.

He used an Emulator instead.

"Thomas Toasters"

Now this Emulator was only supposed to be used for the creation,but some buy faulty,fake and Broken Thomas Toasters from Thomas-Bay every day.


Sometimes the icing Character is mistaken for a Horny Character,and people stick it up their asses.

it should be notedEdit

That Gumballamiyumi is joking with that above Section,and he himself...well...