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Soggy bread is a phenomenon that happens when you leave bread in the egg batter for way too damn long when making French Toast. It tastes just like slightly burnt scrambled eggs and bread, but you eat it anyway because you think to yourself "If I did a shitty job this time, what makes me think I'm going to do a better job next time"? And then you make your way down to your shitty job at McDoodles.  

Not quite there, yet....


  • Soggy Bread is said to make an appearance in a future episode.
  • It was revealed on Rainbowz' Formspring that Soggy Bread was originally made at Friendly's 
  • It was also revealed on Rainbowz' formspring that Soggy Bread became soggy during an unexpectantly lengthy wank in the Employees' Bathroom. This implies that Soggy didn't become soggy because of lack of skill in the art of making French Toast, but due to carelessness on the employee's part. 


It is generally accepted that soggy pieces of bread will make a turn for the worst during their lifetime. Because they are usually rejected at most restaurants, you can find them in the waste disposal out back. Common friends of the soggy bread are rotten food (notoriously, the rotten egg), and most vegetables. Sadly, due to their depressing lives, soggy bread usually turn to drugs and alcohol to escape their sad existence. Popular drugs include Powdered Sugar , Special K, Cilantro and Cooking Wine . Some even fall victim to becoming Samples at your local store and partake in other forms of prostitution. 
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20 hours of pure crystallized sugar will do that to you.