A Legend is bornEdit

it is a quite rainy morning.

Thomas boned Percy,and stole his Weed.

"I shall give you 10 commandements"

"weed is not enough,I demand more"

and the following is the Commandments he spoke of...

The Ten Commandments of ThomasEdit

Percy started stroking himself

"I`ve got a right Snake in me pants Thomas!"

"Soon,Percy Soon..." he replied

"When will I be as sexy as you?"

Said Percy,now with a Rope around his Neck.

Thomas replied.

"First of all you must only put People and Objects on Toast"

"Second of all,you can not put Toast on Toast"

"Third of all, Ejaculating on Toast is a sin. it removes the holy name of me.


Said Percy,still stroking himself intensely while a Rope was around his Neck.

"The 5th Commandment is..."

"Yes?" said Percy,leaning at Thomas"

"That this whole thing was a diversion to kill you"

Percy frowned,and slowly reached for the Toaster,and grabbed Toast."

He got some superglue and attached it to Thomas.

That was how Thomas on Toast began.

Percy died with a sad frown and jizz all over his wheels,it wasn't a very sucessful Autoerotic Axphixiation event.

He wasn't able to carry on fanatasising about Thomas,because Thomas said he didn`t like him.



I`m serious.You can Google it,but NEVER do it.

You die from it, and trying it will just tighten the Rope,so don`t bother.