Thomas On Toast: FOREVER is a new TV series by SweetieBotXLS. The premiere movie continues where Thomas On Toast: The Next Generation (TV series) left off. After that it gets more random and surreal becuase of complaints from stoners that TNG was too epic. 

Episode ListingEdit

Pilot FilmEdit

Thomas Vs. The Toastiverse

Season OneEdit

Percy On Toast

Powdered Toast Man Gets His Very Own Episode

Thomas's Second Shower

Powdered Toast Man Vs. Percy

Thomas On Toast Eats Toast

Big Damn Crossover Time

Happiness Is Not A Dumb Blanket, Thomas On Toast

Thomas Vs. Nashokur

Thomas Vs. The UAOACC

Thomas Vs. Halloween

Big Toast Man's Big Toast Stuff

The Episode Of Doom

Thomas's Waifu

TBA if there will be a second season, however SweetieBotXLS says it's probably coming due to high ratings from Dumb Network. 


The premiere film had good reception, but nobody cares about everything else except maybe stoners and Rotten Apples.