Thomas On Toast was a meme started by Gumballamiyumi. It became a huge hit, and spawned tons of merchandise. SweetieBotXLS made a short film called Tomas On Toast Eats Toast (Part 1 of 55568). The short film was a highly acclaimed hit and won everything at the 329th Crap Awards Ceremony. 

The success made Dumb Network notice everything so they hired Thoeoxu89 to make Thomas on Toast (TV series) That was a huge hit as well, and now everyone is making Thomas On Toast shows. 

List of seriesEdit

Thomas on Toast (TV series)

Thomas On Toast: The Next Generation (TV series)

Thomas On Toast: FOREVER (TV Series)

Thomas the toast engine & Friends

Thomas On Toast Babies

Thomas On Toast Babies Babies


There is a ton of Merchandise going to Aquatic Wartortle Corp and Gumballamiyumi corp. Including:

Darwin Tuna Matress

Thomas On Toast Flamethrower

Thomas On Toast Wikia

Thomas On Toast Alarm Clock

Thomas On Toast Spaceship

Thomas On Toast Hanging Tree

Thomas On Toast Log

Thomas On Toast Popcorn Jellybeans



Millions of angry parents have sent letters saying that their kids watch it even if there's a warning that says "STOP SENDING US YOUR GODDAMN ANGRY LETTERS, THIS IS NOT A KIDS SHOW, DAMMIT" right before the show airs.


Most critics hate the show, but they only give it good reviews because they don't want to get killed by the huge fanbase. 

But meh. 

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