The rules: are there are no rules :3

Yeah, those are the rules in a nutshell, but overall, the Wiki is very laid back. The only rules this Wiki follows are the terms of use. Though this Wiki is mainly a PG-13 site, sometimes R. But overall, you may spam, chat, and make fake episodes of Thomas on Toast.

Page LayoutsEdit

Regular Pages:Edit

Ok, I know I said there are pretty much no rules, but these are some...suggestions. Though this is very laid back also, just give credit to the source if you copied a bit, and give credit to yourself if you toastized the artcile :P.


Yeah, mainly the main editors make the episodes, but if you want to, go ahead! Just use the same layout as most of the Episode pages:


Please use these main categories for pages that you create

Thomas-related articlesEdit

This is mainly for those articles about Thomas characters (such as James, Percy, Thomas etc.) Though, in most cases with Thomas on Toast-related articles, it get's replaced by that category, unless the page is Thomas biased.

Toast-related articlesEdit

Mainly for articles about Toast, or biased on toast. Read the above and replace "Thomas" with toast.

Thomas on toast-related articlesEdit

The main category. Goes pretty much everywhere related to Thomas on Toast.