Thomas on toast toasts the UAOACC is a 1997 TV special that aired to promote wiki-drama. 


Thomas on toast decides to buy a new computer, and he gets an email from the UAOACC. He finds out that this special is being censored, so he decides to go on to the wiki. But then TAWOG wiki strikes a war with Jerry, because Jerry is Jerry.

Amar (Satan) then rises up from hell and kills everybody, then Enzo Matrix makes a friendsheep with Amar. He finds out that the sheep is god and the sheep kills Amar because Amar is Satan.

Jerry then rises back up and starts a revolutionary war and throws SweetieBotXLS into his basement to make a Thomas On Toast UAOACC special, but then the sheep finds out and reads Calvin And Hobbes.

Meanwhile the TAWOG wiki is massacaring every wiki and then Thomas On Toast gives everybody oranges and then Powdered Toast Man came up and then he got killed.

Then a generic Mary Sue OC comes out of nowhere and saves the day by doing nothing. And it turns out that the sheep was not god, the platypus was.

And then Enzo comes and kills the sheep and everyone is happy then Randomced859 adds an update and SweetieBotXLS is freed from Jerry's basement because he's done with this special.