Thomas on Toast1

First Image of Thomas on toast, made/arranged by Aquatic Wartortle

"Thomas on toast"' was a small comment a user named Gumballamiyumi made, which then became a small joke, then a small meme on the Gumball Wiki.


"Ur getting Thomas on Toast" is a small joke on the Gumball Wiki created by Gumballamiyumi. It starts off when one person says to another "ur getting a Thomas on toast" (or otherwise in a similar way). Then another says it differently like: "ur getting a Darwin Tuna Matress". This continues on until the conversation dies out.

Birth of the memeEdit

On February 20th, 2013, Gumballamiyumi invaded the Thomas Wiki, posting on his message wall "Ur getting Thomas on Toast -.- in the wiki. But then, Toby7 gave him a strike as he broke one of the rules: "No posting pointless messages on your message wall". However, things have been resolved between the two. Thomas on toast is the only remainder of their fight.


Gumballamiyumi then started the joke on the Gumball Wiki. It had a very good reception, having some subjects in the chat about it, or just having a ur getting Thomas on toast -.- conversation.